The Power of Solar + Storage

Discover how combining solar energy with energy storage can revolutionize your approach to energy consumption and propel your business towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Reducing Energy Bills with Solar + Storage:

  • Unlock the potential to reduce your energy bills by up to 50% with dispatchable solar energy. Our energy storage solutions store surplus solar power for on-demand use, allowing you to harness low-cost, low-carbon solar power.

Accessing Better Electricity Prices and Tariffs:

  • Future-proof your business against the ever-increasing commercial electricity prices by accessing the best rates available.
  • Explore the option of leveraging low or even negative wholesale electricity tariffs by storing energy during off-peak periods and using it when prices peak.

Accelerating Decarbonization:

  • Take significant strides toward achieving your sustainability goals by installing more solar per site.
  • Energy storage enables the practical oversizing of your solar array, storing excess daytime generation for evening and overnight use.
  • This means you can incorporate 2x or even 3x more solar capacity at each site, accelerating your business’s decarbonization efforts.

Accessing New Revenue Streams:

  • Unlock additional revenue streams by engaging in wholesale trading and ancillary services.
  • Our business models for electricity consumers prioritize long-term, low-risk infrastructure returns by reducing purchased electricity costs.
  • In some regions, there is potential for extra income through ‘merchant’ activities, including wholesale energy trading and ancillary services.

Embrace the synergy of solar + storage to optimize your energy consumption, cut costs, reduce carbon footprint, and explore new revenue opportunities.

Power of Solar + Storage

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