battery tester 100V30A Battery cycle tester

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battery tester 100V30A Battery cycle tester

Equipment Function Introduction:

1.Single point independence allows for independent control of each battery testing channel. 2.Charging and discharging tests, capacitance and cycle life performance tests, etc.

3.Battery reverse connection hardware protection and software protection functions.

4.The equipment accuracy is 0.05%, ensuring high stability in measurement and operation.

5.TCP/IP network communication mode, with the fastest data recording time of 0.1 seconds per time. 6.The software has powerful functions and a user-friendly human -machine interface.

7.The voltage and current loop is designed independently and adopts a four wire testing interface. 8.Ensure a smooth and safe transition between charging and discharging.

9.Equipped with power -off hardware and software protection, as well as data protection functions, incoming calls can continue to connect data, and test data is not lost. 10.Equipped with activation and speed regulation functions.

11.Modular design concept, easy to maintain.

12.Software overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, overcurrent protection, etc.

13.The test terminates abnormally, and the software can continue testing after the exception is resolved.

14.The upper computer software has systematic data statistics and sorting and grouping functions, improving the efficiency of the production line. 15.Multi channel devices can be split and used in parallel, and can be customized.

16.Constant current charging/discharging test (with protective board battery).

17.Temperature detection, can be equipped with a temperature measurement system, and can be customized. 18.Can be equipped with multiple auxiliary voltages and auxiliary temperatures. Customizable.

19.The fixture is flexible and adjustable, with strong compatibility.

battery-cycle-tester battery-cycle-tester


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