Reduce Energy Bills Using Storage + Solar

Reduce your energy bills by up to 50% with low-cost dispatchable solar. Our batteries store excess PV generation for use on demand. Invest in your own distributed solar + storage system and power your business with low-cost, low-carbon, dispatchable solar power. Generate your own renewable electricity and use it to avoid peak pricing and demand charges to reduce your bills.

Access Better Electricity Prices and Tariffs

Futureproof your business against rising commercial electricity prices and access the best rates.We can also help you access the cheapest wholesale electricity tariffs, storing large amounts of energy when prices are low (or even negative) for use when prices are high.

Decarbonise Your Business Faster

Install more solar per site to accelerate sustainability targets. Without energy storage, the benefit of adding more solar PV reduces significantly once you surpass your peak daytime demand. Energy storage makes it practical to oversize your solar array significantly by storing the excess daytime generation for evening and overnight use.

The addition of batteries to your project enables 2x or even 3x more solar to be installed at each of your sites, helping you to decarbonise your business and reach your sustainability goals faster.

Access New Revenue Streams

Access new revenue streams for your business through wholesale trading and ancillary services. Our business models for electricity consumers focus on long-term, low-risk infrastructure returns by decreasing the cost of purchased electricity. Additional upside is possible in some areas by ‘merchant’ activities including wholesale energy trading and ancillary services.


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